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KRI Capital Partners at a Glance

KRI Capital Partners is a real estate private equity firm headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio that specializes in the acquisition and management of multi-family apartment assets located in the Midwest and Southeast United States. Our philosophy is based on a core set of values that includes trust, integrity and professionalism in everything we do. Also included in our core set of values is the belief that our goals must be aligned with those of our investors. To that end, we have taken great care to structure our Projects so that our investors' returns are directly related to our own.

Our senior management team has a combined 56 years experience in the real estate, private equity and lending arenas where it has been involved in transactions valued at more than $3 billion. Through this experience, our managers have developed a Core Investment Discipline that serves as the framework for all our investment decisions. We are very proud to say that this disciplined approach to investing has enabled us to provide our partners with extraordinary returns on their past investments.

KRI Capital Partners is also interested in speaking with owners of apartment communities or owners' representatives. Be sure to visit our Property Owners section for a listing of information we will need to begin evaluating your property and an overview of what you can expect when dealing with us.

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